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Some Facts About the VIP Number Offer From Vodafone

Jul 09, 19
Some Facts About the VIP Number Offer From Vodafone

If it so happens that you’ve been on the hunt for a new cell phone plan it is likely that the question of whether you can choose your own number has crossed your mind. You can now do without memorizing some arbitrary new number or porting your existing number, as several providers let you pick your own cell phone number, with varying extents of customization. Among the main providers that offer this service is Vodafone.

Nevertheless, there’re some hoops that you have to jump through initially, which include shelling out a rather hefty fee. Below, we discuss some facts about a vodafone vip number.

For Vodafone, a vip number can cost up to Rs.20, 000 and could be greatly customized, which include as much as five digits in one row, and several pair or triplet configuration are able to be added, also.

Choosing your phone no with Vodafone

Picking one more mobile no. is a fairly easy, even if a potentially pricey procedure. In the event of you already having a Vodafone plan, you are able to dial 1555 from your cell phone and do as you are prompted to. Every number change attracts a Rs. 1434 one-off fee.

Thus just generates a fresh number.

However, you are able to, pick from a combination of ‘Silver’ and “vip” numbers. While silver numbers draw a Rs. 4000 Gold numbers are a fairly hefty Rs.20, 000.

While Silver numbers usually permit less customization vip offers more options.

A vodafone vip number lets you pick a maximum of five successive digits, or 3 sets of successive. However, ther’re still restraints. If you wish for the ultimate customization you should ready to shell out almost Rs. 21,700.

Is a vip number of Vodafone worth it?

Though being able to be rather expensive the fact that you are able to modify your cell phone number to something terrific is a pretty notable feature of a vodafone vip number.