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Choose Your Number by Yourself

Jul 17, 19
Choose Your Number by Yourself

Your mobile phone is one of your most efficient electronics gazettes. It’s your rights that you can choose a perfect mobile number for you. You must choose a mobile number that can be remembered easily. BSNL is considered as the most trusted name in the fields of mobile connection. It provides you the opportunity to pick a suitable phone number of your choice in your respective telecom circle.

The BSNL Choose Your Number can be done very easily by following some simple steps. You have to visit the BSNL website and choose the respective telecom circle. There are many mobile numbers available in the website. After selecting the mobile number you can reserve the number by filling up the application form available at the website. The interested customers can click on the filter icon in the mobile number section and can reserve the number following the instructions. You can also clear the selected numbers in case you want to change it. After choosing the number, the customer would get a SMS containing the 7-digit pin number valid for 4 days.

The customers have to input the PIN in the website to confirm the selection. After that, the customers can approach the customer service center in their locality and should inform them about the selected mobile number and PIN. You also have to submit the requisite documents i.e. government provided id proof etc. at their counter to complete the formalities to get the new connection. The BSNL Choose Your Number is also quite pocket-friendly. In case the customers want to choose the fancy numbers, they have to pay different price for different phone numbers. They have to fill up the application form and must input the PIN within 2 days to get the fancy number.

The customers can get all the detail information at the BSNL website. So visit the website and select your number.