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Choose your own BSNL Number Now

Jun 25, 19
Choose your own BSNL Number Now

You have always wished to choose your number but somehow could not. Now BSNL offers its users to choose their own numbers from their website. You can choose your own combination of numbers, starting and ending digits and that too at very minimal charges.

Know more about the offer

New customers who wish to seek BSNL services can now have BSNL choice numbers. In the past, a set of numbers were available and one would get only from that. Now, with its new introduction to customized numbers, buyers can choose which number to use. Interested customers need to visit the official website of BSNL. There, they can select a number and might include a fancy number too. A huge list of numbers is available.

After that, customer needs to fill up an application form which would include photo and address proof. It needs to be printed out. An OTP is sent to the customer's number which must be used within 96 hours to avoid the collapse of the sim. Once the OTP is put and all the credentials are matched, the number is ready to use.

How convenient is this?

If you can have BSNL choice number it  would definitely be convenient. There might be some combination or number you feel lucky. So now you can choose them. It gives you a freedom regarding your cell phone number.

What are the advantages of choosing your own number?

The basic advantage is simply that, you get to have your favorite numbers. Also, if you have any other number and you wish to have another number with a similar combination of digits, this offer is definitely going to help. Moreover, this choosing procedure gives you a sense of freedom while using a service provider.

After an introduction of this offer, BSNL will soon start competing with other providers. This was a major comeback for the company after many years of stagnant service.